Saturday, July 19, 2008

HarseCamp 2008

We spent the last week camping at Killbear Provincial Park just north of Parry Sound. We haven't been there for eight (I think?) years. I'd forgotten just how beautiful a park it is. Our campsite was very close to the beach, although we spent most of our beach time at the boat launch, since there was a concrete pad that Pieter could use to get onto the beach too. And it was close to the boat, in case we had a sudden urge for an ice cream run! Thanks, Uncle Harpert, you're the best!
We had pretty good weather, with the exception of the first night, when it poured rain for HOURS!! Everything was flooded, but our trailer and tent stayed dry, even without tarps! Friday we put up tarps...
We had planned to stay until Friday the 18th, but Wednesday night Allison got sick (luckily we had a bucket handy, and fortunately she made it to the bucket before throwing up!) so we came home Thursday instead. I would much rather deal with sick kids at home than in a tent trailer! This year, we were joined at HarseCamp by Mom and Dad, Pieter, Mike and Kathryn, Harpert and Marg, Brian and Barbara and kids, and BenHanna.
And now some pictures:
Not a good start to the vacation! A blowout just south of Parry Sound. The kids played on the rocks while Art changed the tire. cream! Uncle Harpert was always willing to toodle to the marina for some pralines 'n' cream!
The beach!


This is the beach closest to our campsite. It was so calm in the evenings, just beautiful! Don't those trees on the island remind you of a Group of Seven painting?

Aww...Natalie and Joshua being friends.

Hmmm... this is becoming a habit, Mom!

Smores around the campfire! And Brian in his camping hat. He was going to burn it on the last night, but we left before they did...

Our regular morning visitor. They were pretty tame, see how close Natalie is?
Everybody got to go tubing, even the little ones! Thumbs up means "faster!"

And, to finish, some shots of the (almost) full moon over the lake at night. Just gorgeous!
Coming to join us next year?


Marg said...

Sounds like loads of fun!! By the way, we like your caravan...a Jayco in Canada??
There's nothing like some still water and the reflection of the moon....hope you managed to get away for a romantic walk or two!!

Lisa said...

It was fun.
Is a Jayco an Australian birdie, by chance? I must confess, I've never heard of it.
I did get away to see the moonlit beach with my niece... I think when I took these shots, I had my girls with me on our way to the bathroom before bed, so not so romantic...
Oh well, there's always next year!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully next year we'll join Harsecamp. This year, with the reunion in October, we firgured we'd camp with Sherri's family.

Looks like fun though, even with Allison getting sick!