Friday, July 4, 2008

Prayer Request

You may (or may not) know that Art's grandmother (Pieterman) has been having some health difficulties. A few months ago she fell and broke her hip. This healed rather well, however, a few weeks ago she fell again and this time broke her ankle (on the other leg). Grandma has Multiple Sclerosis, which does not help her healing process at all. The ankle required surgery to insert a plate and a pin. While they were operating on this ankle, they also debrided a stubborn bedsore that had developed while she was hospitalized after breaking her hip. The bedsore would not heal, despite everything they tried at the hospital in Chatham. When her ankle began to change color, they realized that she must have a blockage somewhere that is restricting circulation to that foot.
Last night she was transferred to London Victoria Hospital, where she was to have an angiogram today to try to find where the blockage is. However, the doctor called Mom & Dad this morning to ask for a family meeting later today. He feels it is too late for an angiogram, and that he will likely have to amputate her foot.
Grandma is quite accepting of whatever will happen, she will accept what God's will is for her. I think Grandpa is having a more difficult time with all this. Please pray for both of them, and for the rest of the family.
**** UPDATE***** SATURDAY, JULY 5*******
After meeting with the doctor yesterday, the latest update is that Grandma will lose her leg, the only question is above or below the knee. The surgeon will decide what is best once the operation begins. Grandma does not want to go through this surgery twice, so she is leaving the decision to the doctor. They are going to operate as soon as an OR and a bed are available, hopefully today or tomorrow. Right now she is in the burn unit, as that was the only available bed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, Lisa. Keep us updated.

Lisa said...

Dad called this afternoon around 1:00 that Grandma was going into the OR. She was supposed to go at 9 this morning, but there must have been an emergency. We hope to hear after church this afternoon how things went.