Monday, July 7, 2008


Grandma Pieterman had her surgery yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. They removed her leg (sounds so awful as I type that...) about midway up her thigh. The surgeon tried to remove only the lower part of her leg, but had to go higher.
Grandma came through the operation very well. She is 86, so anaesthetic is always a worry, and her MS doesn't help either. When Dad, Grandpa & some aunts and uncles came here last night for dinner, they said Grandma was alert and in good spirits. She was already experiencing some phantom pains.
Please continue to pray for a good recovery, as I am sure there will be a long road ahead for both her and Grandpa. We are thankful to God for bringing Grandma this far.

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T.B.H. said...

She sure is a plucky Wildeboer, hey? We will continue to pray for her and Mr. P. as well. Can't be easy at that age!