Monday, July 28, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last Saturday, Art had to ref a soccer game (his summer hobby) in St. Marys, where we lived when I was a teenager. Since his game was at 5:00, I packed up a picnic supper and the kids and I went along, so I could show them the sights!
Like most small towns, not much has changed over the years. A few stores have changed names, but the major sights are still the same. St. Marys is a beautiful old town, with lots of old stone buildings, the Thames river, lovely parks etc., so the kids and I had lots to see. We drove past our old house, the church Art and I were married in, the Falls, the old site of Vanderpol Eggs, etc...
Then we picked Art up after his game and finished the tour with ice cream at Hearn's Dairy. A very enjoyable family outing!
We HAD to stop in at the Chocolate Factory for some Mint Smoothies!
Then we checked out the river. We had wedding pictures taken on that green bridge and by the Falls.
We had our supper at this park, with a picnic pavilion and a playground. We were the only ones there!
Checking out the footbridge over the river..
This one took a few shots (don't you love digital cameras?) but I managed to catch her mid-jump.
Tim brought his book (big surprise there...) and found a quiet spot to read.
This is what keeps Art out of trouble in the summer. And it's a hobby that pays money, instead of having to spend it!


Anonymous said...

Some day when Callum is older we'll have to go visit St. Marys again.

What book is Tim reading?

And does Art tape his whistle to his fingers like all the cool referees do?

Lisa said...

Yes you will have to.

I don't know.

I don't think so - he's too cool for that.

Lisa said...

Oh wait, I did know that second one. It was Gordon Korman, "The Twinkie Squad"

Art said...

No, I don't tape my whistle to my hands, I actually don't know any refs that do. However, it is tied to my wrist via a wrist lanyard so I can't accidentally drop it and look like an idiot trying to find it. I also usually have a second whistle in my pocket just in case

Anonymous said...

Well, that's even cooler than taping it to your fingers.

Ah, Gordon Korman...I think he'll be read by young boys for ever!!

Marg said...

Memory lane...even I have vague memories of visiting you in St Mary's. It really was a lovely town back then.
Soccer is big out here in the winter. Dave, Cody, Wade, Jessica, Meagan and Brett all play every Saturday from April to September. Cody and Wade also referee some of the micro league games, and Dave's the president of the soccer committe at the moment so he's heavily involved with organising and planning.
I'd forgotten all about Gordon Kormon...must see if the library has any!!