Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Fun Little Project

Last night I hauled out my sewing machine and whipped up these purses for the twins:

They just need a big sparkly button on the front to close them. And I might embroider their names on them.

Thanks for the template link, Suzanne! They were really fun to make, and didn't take long at all. Of course, I didn't bother with an interior pocket, so that helped. I got the material in the remnant bin at Len's Mill Store. For 1.4 yards of the cordurouy, I paid $1.87, and the purple sparkly was just under a yard of material for about $1. Not bad, eh?
I think I might make myself one! I definitely have enough material left! Deanna wants one too...
Oh, and mum's the word, these are for their birthday presents, so I have to hide them for a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

I see my brother in one of the pictures!
I can't believe the great deal on material...I'm sure the girls will love them!

Lisa said...

Oh, was that your brother that was here? I saw him but didn't know who he was!