Friday, September 5, 2008

Update - with no pictures, sorry!

Well, it has been another busy week here. Tuesday was the first day of school for the 4 oldest. Tim started Grade 7, Deanna Grade 4 and Allison and Amanda Grade 2! Tim was a little nervous, he has a male teacher for the first time ever! Mr. Meinen is also the principal, and very into fitness, so he does workouts and jogging with his class! This is NOT Tim's favourite activity, but he is enjoying Grade 7 nonetheless!

Deanna has the same teacher as last year, but is a little nervous about the "hard" work in Grade 4. You know, like fractions and multiplication..... She will be fine! She got new glasses this week, so she is excited to be able to read the board at school and the liturgy board at church!
Deanna also started piano lessons this week. I had been looking for a teacher that was close by and reasonably priced, and finally found one! She is just up the street, so Deanna can walk for her lessons, which is perfect! I think she will do well with them, she has been trying to teach herself for some time already.

Natalie is finding it very different to be at home with Mom this year. Over the summer she got very used to always having someone around to play with (or boss around!) Particularly Allison would always be willing to play "princess" or "dress-up" or "house" with her. So she is very happy to see the girls after school!

Since I bought a used bike trailer this summer, we have been biking to and from school this year. It is about a 2 km ride, which means I get in 8 km/day going back and forth! Pulling the trailer is a good workout too. Amanda learned to ride a 2-wheeler at camping, so we just had to get Allison on a bike. She hasn't got the confidence yet for a 2-wheeler, but she's been doing very well on her training wheels. In a couple of weeks I'll try the 2-wheeler again, as it will be a lot less work for her! She has to pedal twice as fast as everyone else, and still can't keep up! So she is good and puffed by the time we get home. There are 2 other families also biking this year, so the bike rack that has been empty for the last few years (other than Tim sometimes) is now overflowing!

Also this week, Art's grandmother passed away. She had stopped eating and drinking on Aug 25, so the family has been waiting by her bedside since then. However, her heart was strong, and the doctor had warned them that it could be a few days. I don't think he counted on it being as long as 10 days, though! While it will be difficult for Grandpa and her children, we are comforted in the knowledge that she is now free of pain and disease, and that we will meet again! There is funeral visitation today, and the funeral tomorrow morning in Chatham.

Tonight is also my brother Stu's Convocation from Theological College in Hamilton. After countless (!) years of school, he is finally done! Congratulations, Stu, and I'll see you tonight!


Anonymous said...

Not 1 year of kindergarten (does it count?) 8 of elementary, 5 of high school (one semester of OACs) and 10 of university. That makes 24. But it is a long time, and for now that is it...but who knows what will happen later?

Lisa said...

I only said countless so I didn't have to count.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. It took me a while to figure it out as well. I didn't have to use a calculator, though.

Conrad said...

I just remembered your blog again :)
Our condolences with the passing away of Art's grandmother.
All the best to the kids for this year of school!

Lisa said...

Hey, thanks Conrad (or Suzanne?) Glad to see you on here! At least I know someone's reading my rambling thoughts...