Monday, September 22, 2008

The nerve of kids today!

Art was working from home this morning, so he just left at about 2:30 this afternoon. His car had been in the driveway since we got back from the church picnic Saturday night.
When he opened the trunk to put something in it, he noticed his sample case was open in the back. This is odd, as he rarely uses it.
We checked the front, and sure enough the glove compartment and console were open. You know how you get that sinking feeling? "uh-oh" we thought "so much for the GPS". Luckily he had taken his wallet inside. He has a very bad habit of leaving it in the car, but has been better lately. His house keys usually live in the car too, but they were also in the house.
He looked in the glove box, and guess what? There, tucked in the back in its black cloth case, was the GPS UNIT!!! HA HA HA!! the only thing worth stealing in the whole car, and they missed it!!!!!
It is very unusual for Art to forget to lock his car, but on this occasion it must have been unlocked, as all the windows are intact. I guess they didn't think much of his musical taste either, as his CD's are all there too.
The car was parked at the front of the driveway, under the motion sensor light, right beside the house! I can't believe they had the nerve to go through it. The van was parked behind it, so they would have had to come right up the driveway to even see the car! Fortunately the van was locked, so they didn't get into it. Nothing in it, anyway....

GRRR! Just makes you mad - total disrespect of other peoples property! Or maybe I'm just getting old...


Anonymous said...

We had the exact same thing fri night. Rick 99.9% of the time locks the vehicles, but didn't lock our van this time. On Sat morning, we discovered they went throught the glove box and garage can, and looked at the cd's, but decided they didn't like the kids tunes too!! If it wasn't so rude, it would almost be funny!


John Harsevoort said...

I find it hard to believe they didn't take Art's cd's, what with Garth Brooks being so popular right now. They really don't know what they're missing.
love John