Friday, September 5, 2008

Pictures to go with the previous blog...

Just can't leave it without pictures!

Here are Deanna's new glasses:

The side view is to show the "gem" that was the big selling point for her! Plus they are her fav color - purple!

And this is her science project from last year, sunflowers grown from seeds! They started them in class last spring, and this week it finally bloomed! She was very proud!


John said...

how come we always got stuck with huge brown plastic free Hakim frames?

Lisa said...

Cuz you weren't as pretty as Deanna?

I dunno, they didn't have the same selection then, I guess!

Anonymous said...

Those frames were free? I always wondered why I would have picked such awful frames. That's one mystery solved...unless I do just have bad taste!

John Harsevoort said...

yeah, you did have some impressive frames in your lifetime! So did we all!