Friday, November 14, 2008

Decor Project

Today I had both Deanna and Amanda home sick. Natalie has been suffering from a bad cold all week, as have I.
Since it was going to be a write-off day for housework anyway, I thought I'd tackle a project. Deanna has been wanting a new desk chair. This is what she's been using:
Not too beautiful, or remotely comfortable! This is an issue, since she likes to sit in her room and read.
So, $25 and a couple of hours later, this is what that chair looks like now:
I was just going to use the stripes, but we happened to spot that blue chenille in the remnant bin as we walked by, and she loved it! It's beautifully soft, but very difficult to cut and sew! Glad I didn't do the whole chair in that!
Much more comfortable (especially with 3" foam!) and it looks a little better too!


Anonymous said...

I remember those chairs not being very comfortable 15 years ago.

Did Deanna do any of the sewing? We bought supplies today for the gift Bethany is making for Deanna.

Barbara (aka hulusere)

Lisa said...

No, I have thrown most of them out, but this one was still hanging around.
Deanna did not do any of the sewing. She had big plans too, but...
that's okay, it was probably faster without her.

aka... who???

Anonymous said...

hulusere was the word verification. This time it is yalast. Sometimes they are really funny.

Suzanne said...

It looks great Lisa! I love the stripes.

Lisa said...

Thanks Suzanne!

Anonymous said...

Nice chair, Deanna! I like your description of snoozy, woozy, coozy.

willowsprite said...

Cool! Can you make Callum one of those foam chairs that people like to put liscenced characters on and you can't get any plain ones nowadays cause everyone wants to look like a disneyphile?
-inadulas (in a dula's what?)