Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, it snowed...

...about 6" so far.

This afternoon I went to the school to teach P.E. (as I do every Thursday afternoon. I have Gr 3/4 for an hour, and then Gr 1/2 for an hour at the end of the day.) When I arrived, the entire school was in the back yard building snow forts! Even the staff - it was great!
Lunch recess is supposed to go til 1:00, but nobody wanted to go inside, so we all stayed out til 2 rolling giant snowballs and building them into forts. I think Mr. Meinen (the principal) rolled the most snowballs! Gr 7/8 used their snow to build a large ramp at the top of the backyard slope. Then they slid down it on Crazy Carpets. I really really wish I had brought my camera. It was something to see! The older kids helping the younger kids roll snowballs, or climb the ramp to slide down.
At 2, the teachers decided they should do some work yet, so Gr 1/2 and I were left with the ramp to ourselves! It was fun Phys Ed! We also played Cops and Robbers (using the snow fort as the jail), before we went inside for a few minutes at the end of the day.

More snow is on the way.... Tim might have a lucrative weekend (shovelling driveways)!
Friday was indeed a snow day. Although the sun was shining here, just west of us in Strathroy they got dumped on! Up to 75 cm in some areas.
This is how much snow we got here, just about a foot:

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Anonymous said...

Man, I can see grass through our snow! I miss living out that way, but Sherri doesn't miss living up in Orangeville!

Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all involved...we used to do that kind of thing with Mr. Koort way back when I was there.

(catheom almost sounds Greek and theological!)