Sunday, November 23, 2008

Harsevoort Sinterklaas 2008

I know, it's not even December yet! But since we were all going to be together for family pictures anyway, we thought we'd combine it with Sinterklaas.

The Story of the Red Hat
Once upon a time, there was a red hat. After outliving it's fashion heyday (sometime in the 80's, I believe) it was relegated by its owner to a thrift store. It gained new life a couple of years ago when it was purchased by my mother to wear to a Red Hat Lunch for my aunt. After this event, it was given a place of honour in the dressup box downstairs.
Yesterday, it was the most popular item in the house! Proof:
Amanda, Natalie, Deanna and Jonah all had a turn.
Even Uncle Pieter looked dashing in his nouveau chapeau! Let's hope nobody had head lice :)
And some more memorable moments:
Aunt Kathryn, I was sitting here first!

Callum taking after his father :)
Uncle Art getting his baby fix

Kim enjoying a frosty beverage....
Aaron setting the kids table - so helpful!
Caleb taking it all in.
Callum likes his new book!
Uncle Rick had a nice hat too!


John Harsevoort said...

Kim says Thanks!

Lisa said...

hey - no problem!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures...Sherri forgot her camera, so we'll just steal some of yours!

(my word is ancesser, obviously in reference to our whole family (3 generations) getting together!)

Lisa said...

Do you want me to email some pics? I have more of Callum that I can send you....

(hmmm... mine is oucar, perhaps a reference to your grandparents vehicle?)

Anonymous said...

Sure, send us some pictures.

(my word is ovixe... I can't make anything with that!)