Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Funnies:

This afternoon, in the middle of the sermon in church, Natalie (whom I thought was asleep on my lap) looked at me and said:

"I really wanted to be a mermaid. But...I'm a girl. With legs (as she pointed to the offending appendages). I'm not a mermaid".

And she heaved a mighty sigh and laid her head back down on my lap.

Don't you just wonder how their minds work sometimes?


Anonymous said...

hehe :-)

Anonymous said...

Or what Rev. Pot is preaching about?

Your daughter is certainly odd. But then again, so is Callum, and he isn't even talking yet! We'll see what oddities he comes up with.

(apparently blogger doesn't like me very much, for my word is rodynt.)

Lisa said...

Actually, Rev. Pot had the Sunday off, we had Candidate Westendorp. We had heard him before at Wyoming URC, but that was the first time we had him in London.

John Harsevoort said...

Aaron says that if we need to worship God becasue He is strong, then we should worship him (Aaron) because he drank his milk (flexes his muscles) and he's strong too!

Anonymous said...

Well, the logic is sound, except for the premises.

Perhaps Aaron needs a lesson or two in semantics?