Monday, March 8, 2010

Allison and Amanda's "New" Room

Today I got Tim's clothes into his new closet (thanks Art for putting up the shelves first thing this morning), Deanna's clothes into her new closet, and got to work on the twin's room.
They are very happy to have their own space! Amanda has claimed the top bunk, and Allison is happy to have the bigger bed all to herself. I hope they will sleep better this way..

Makes a difference having two girls' clothes in here, instead of three!

Moved the dresser by the window, and put up a bulletin board.

Their decals:
They don't seem to want to stay on as well as the Home Depot ones.
But they did come with rhinestones!

This is now the "play" area, with all the Barbies, Polly Pockets, etc...

Now all the bedrooms are moved around and spring cleaned. Phew!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I'm sure everyone is happy to be settled in their new spaces, and now all your work is done! ;)

By the way, one of the barbies seems to have fallen out of bed. Perhaps she needs sides on her bed, or a crib...

Lisa said...

I think that happened when I moved their house. They probably thought it was an earthquake!

Maple Ridge Landscapes said...

Looks great Lisa, oh by the way....we're gonna need those bunk beds back. Just bring them along next week, dad will help you install them.

Just kidding

John and Kim

Lisa said...

Very Funny. You can have the bunk beds back, but they come as a package deal with the girls who sleep in them...
Suddenly your new house isn't so big after all, is it?