Saturday, March 6, 2010

Deanna Moves in With Natalie

Natalie was so excited to have Deanna move in to her room. They wanted me to paint their room purple. NOT going to happen! So we compromised and bought some vinyl decals for the walls.
It didn't take long for this room to go from all boy to pretty girlie! Those decals are so cute, and easy to apply. For $30 I changed the whole look of the room in about 10 minutes!

These flowers under the window are Natalie's, so she can see them from her bed:
Admiring the garden:
And these are Deanna's:

The polka dots just connect the two, and they sure look cute.
I do have purple tab tops to go up in here eventually, just to finish it off.

1 comment:

Stuart said...

Pretty cool. Are you sure it is smart to have the twins together in one room unsupervised? All the kids must like the new arrangements!