Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yes, we are once again a two-can family! We missed that second bathroom - I am thankful that the stomach flu missed our household, that would not have been fun with only one toilet!
Ta-da! Our "new" bathroom:

Needs some finishing touches, like a mirror, vanity lights, suspended ceiling, fan, towel bar, toilet paper holder, decor, etc.... but hey, it works!
Tim had the inaugural shower this morning, and was quite happy to move his toothbrush and shampoo downstairs. I need to make a trip to Ikea to find some funky lights and a funky mirror. Hmm... there was a nice round one just sitting in John & Kim's bathroom... that might work?

The girls are really enjoying the new family room. We are keeping an eye out for a nice (cheap) sectional -would work really well down here. So if you have one you're not using...


Shauna said...

Love the renos Lisa (and the fact that the dust is all gone) Still living with dust over here :-(

For a sectional check out Kijiji.com - some good finds on there

Lisa said...

Yep, I'm checking Kijiji every day :)
Just waiting for the right one to come along...no hurry.

Maple Ridge Landscapes said...

pretty brave with that juice on the carpet Natalie!

Looks good Lisa, great bathroom too. That mirror was only $20 at IKEA