Saturday, March 6, 2010

Moving Day!

Ok, somehow Blogger is different again and I dont know how to move pictures around yet. They just keep changing shape..
Anyway, we moved Tim into his new room this morning. He's pretty happy with it. Still needs shelves in his closet, which will hopefully happen this afternoon, so his clothes aren't there yet, but it's looking pretty good!

We put a bookshelf beside the closet for his books/games/stuff..

Enjoying not having to climb a ladder to get into his bed!

Lots of room for his desk too.
His light needs to go up and we need to get some blinds or something for the window, but it will work for now..


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty stark yet. Tim needs some posters and pictures and stuff so he can cover up all your painting work and not appreciate it!

Apparently, my verification word is "couth," so I guess I am not being 'uncouth' in my suggestion!

Lisa said...

He's not allowed to put anything on the walls for a few weeks yet, gotta wait for the paint to cure. He'll get a bulletin board above his desk so he doesn't have to put holes in the walls. Posters can be put up with stickytack.

Maple Ridge Landscapes said...

Hey Tim, I think you should hang your bike from your wall. Just get some BIG hooks!