Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Last Field Trip.... Greenview Aviaries! It was a little chilly, so we passed on the splash pad :) The kids were disappointed, but they had fun in the enormous playground instead! There were two trampolines, a ball pit, bouncy balls, tricycles, scooters, slides, swings, tether ball, and - the biggest attraction - a zip line!
Not to mention the animals... lions and tigers and bears - oh my! And zebras, buffalo, reindeer, elands, pot bellied pigs, donkeys, peacocks, snakes, alligators, and monkeys galore! (Not including the ones we brought along!)
Feeding the goats (you could buy little bags of animal food)
It was hard to get a good shot through the wire.

My group (Lianna, Allison, Jessica) showing off their lion growls

The pot-bellied pig - see the baby just to her left?
Bears - oh my!

Allison feeding the young buffalo grass

And some playground shots:
Deanna and Miss Vanderdeen on the teeter-totter and Allison on the REALLY TALL slide!

Amanda on the zipline!!!

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