Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just an Update (no babies this time, Alicia)

I guess it's that time again. Not much exciting going on here, it's just been busy with field trips, Field Day, gardening, normal life stuff....

This week Grades 1-4 went on a Field Trip to the London International Children's Festival, where they attended an Art workshop, and saw a production of The Ugly Duckling. Apparently there was also face painting, since this is what came off the bus that day...

That same day (Wednesday), Grades 7&8 were in Burlington for Track andField Day, so Grade 5/6 had the school to themselves all day! Mrs. Vandermeyden decided that this would be a good day to finish off their study of Ancient Greeks and Romans with a Greek/Roman afternoon, complete with togas, baklava, figs and javelin and discus competitions!

(In case you wondered what a pregnant Greek lady looks like ) :-)

Thursday was Field Day for Grades 1-6, in conjunction with their fellow students from Chatham. This year it was held in London, and went very well. A good time was had by all, new friendships were formed, old friendships were renewed...Tim even met a cabin mate from Campfire! last year.
I didn't get any pictures, unfortunately, since the Ladies Auxiliary provides fruit/baking/juice and sold hot dogs and goodie bags, I was a little busy.

Yesterday we replaced all the red mulch in our gardens with black, for a different look. I like it. The baby robins also chose yesterday as the day to spread their wings.... there were still 4 of them crammed into that tiny nest! After lunch, one hopped out and promptly hopped onto the road, much to the concern of the girls, who were afraid he would get run over. Mom Robin met him on the other side with a worm, and that was the last we saw of him! When I checked the nest later, it was empty, so hopefully they have all found their independence!

Hope you're enjoying this lovely heat! If this is a sign of what summer is going to be like.... we will be thankful for our air conditioning! Maybe the lake will even warm up before we go camping! (5 weeks!!!)


Anonymous said...

So I guess Tim's teacher didn't go for the authentic Greek athlete look where the competitors all compete naked, and then the winner gets to sell his sweat as perfume afterwards?

Perhaps the board didn't like that idea, eh?

Sounds like fun.

Lisa said...

Ummm... I don't think Grade 5&6 would have liked that idea either!
It was fun....