Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer's Coming!!!



Anonymous said...

You're excited about having all of your kids home, every day, all day, for two months?

You're really weird.

What do you have planned to keep them occupied?

Lisa said...

Well, the kids are excited. And for the first little while, it's nice to be a bit more relaxed with schedules. No lunches, homework, backpack, rushing around in the morning, etc.
As for keeping busy, this summer we have:

Mom & Dad's Anniversary
Boersema reunion
Swimming lessons
Art's 40th birthday
Tante Janny's 80th birthday

So that should keep us out of trouble for most of it!
By August I'll probably be ready for school to start again :)
But we'll enjoy the summer while it lasts!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sounds like you'll be busy enough. Perhaps we'll come down sometime inbetween some of those events!

Lisa said...

Or we'll come your way - I think it's our turn! And we have a slide to deliver.
Actually, next week might work for that. I'll talk to you after Wednesday...